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Beer Brewery
2015-07-02 09:10   Source:未知
In August 1903, German Beer Company Qingdao Branch, China’s first brewing factory that built by European technology, was born in Qingdao. After a hundred years of vicissitudes, it has been developed into Tsingtao Brewery Company, a world-famous manufacturing enterprise special in brewing. At present, it owns 55 brewing factories and malt factories in 18 cities and provinces in China. The one-hundred-year old Tsingtao Beer has created its own history and culture. Situated at No.56, Dengzhou Road, the Museum is built on the site of German Beer Company Qingdao Branch. Being the first museum of its kind in China, the construction of the museum provides a spectacular showcase for the local beer to oversea visitors, and has become the pride of the local people.
The museum is an Occidental two-storey red building constructed in 1903 by Germans and is one of a few typical Gothic constructions within the city. In the museum, one can see historic sepia and black & white photographs; appreciate the cultural relics from both home and abroad and see samples of Qingdao beer kept from different eras. The four huge copper brewing vessels are kept in the museum and were manufactured in Germany and were in use until their decommissioning in 1995. Historical artifacts donated by the descendants of both German and Japanese staff are especially precious and absorbing. Here, you will have the opportunity to get close to the mysterious origins; the long history of brewing and instruments used. You can also sample the various freshly brewed beers and buy a great variety of souvenirs. Since its opening, the museum has received countless domestic and foreign tourists, including both national and international statesmen. The superb environment, high quality of service and distinctive charm has made it a leading light of domestic industrial tourism.